Apple Touts Homework Fun With Its New Student iPad

Apple is touting its new iPad for students with a vibrant spot that features children using the device to film themselves joyfully learning about gravity for a homework assignment by dropping a watermelon from a bridge and throwing a mattress from a roof. The ad is set to the narration of Jack Prelutsky’s poem, “Homework! Oh, Homework!” by gravelly-voiced ad veteran Mark Fenske.

Check out the video here.


Disney Wants Kids to Bring iPads to ‘Mermaid’

Dubbed “Second Screen Live,” kids will be able to bring along their iPads and play games, find “hidden treasure,” and do any number of things apart from paying attention to the actual movie for the re-release of the 1989 Disney film “The Little Mermaid.”

Watch the trailer to see Disney’s full vision for the face-illuminating future of film; “movie-going,” as the narrator puts it, “has never been so much fun.”

The Monster at the End of This App

Little known fact – Tablettoddlers’ favorite book when he was a youngling was “The Monster at the End of This Book.”

Now Grover and the rest of his Sesame Street pals try their hardest to keep readers away from the monster on an iphone or ipad with “The Monster at the End of This Book” app.

At $4.99, the app edition has been updated with animations, narrations and a word highlighter.  The story truly comes alive with interactive play and touch-point animation.

Tablettoddlers took a look and highly recommends.


Snoopy Coaster App Soars

Tablettoddlers is loving the new Snoopy Coaster app for the iPad.

From the review:

“The basic set up is players control a group of roller coaster carts filled with characters from the popular Peanut comic strip. The cart then travels across the track in a 2D side scrolling way. Easy enough. From there, the goal is to get as far down the track as you can, and to collect as many coins as you can.”

Totally addictive and easy to learn.  It’s a fun game that doesn’t take much time to get into.


Parents Can Now Borrow iPads from the Boston Public Library

Special shout out to friend of Tablettoddlers Chris Kenneally, host of the Beyond the Book podcast, for pointing us to this nugget in Boston Magazine about the Boston Public Library’s new iPad rental program.

As you know, Boston is home to Tablettoddlers so we’re thrilled with this development.

Parents can borrow iPads stocked with books and apps and keep them for up to two weeks.

The iPads shouldn’t replace traditional books, but it certainly is a nice supplement.

Moderation.  Moderation.  Moderation.

CNBC Talks Generation I

Really nice roundup piece on CNBC about ‘Generation I’ and the app wars for the “milk and cookie set.”

From the article:

“If you’ve seen a baby take to an iPad before she can walk or say “Mommy,” you know that the “mobile natives” are born into a different world—an intuitive one of touchscreens—than even their predecessors, the “digital natives.”

We just bought a Kindle Fire and without ever seeing one, my 6 year-old daughter figured out the OS in literally less than a minute and was watching SpongeBob SquarePants via the Hulu+ app.

Digital natives, indeed.