“The Story We Wish Was Like Annie” Now Available in the Kindle Store

Congratulations to Tablettoddlers’ daughter Hannah Sender on her first published book, “The Story We Wish Was Like Annie.” According to renowned scholar Meaghan Stiman “Hannah Sender captivates her readers with a unique twist on a familiar tale. She tells the story of four orphaned sisters finding love and family through a series of amusing trials and tribulations. Readers can’t help but be drawn into the story by Sender’s engaging and laugh-out-loud funny dialogue. Best of all, she cleverly weaves in the title of the book with her character’s own narrative. This is the sort of wittiness we rarely see from first-time authors. The clear consensus is that “The Story We Wish Was Like Annie” is a must-read in 2016. We all wait in excited anticipation to see what Sender has in store for us in “Perry’s in Paradise.” Here is a link to the ebook, available exclusively in the Amazon Kindle store for $2.99. Enjoy.