Kids’ Attorneys Press Video-Privacy Case Against Viacom, Google

From the MediaPost article:

Attorneys for a group of children who are suing Google and Viacom for alleged privacy violations are asking a federal judge to allow the lawsuit to proceed.

The children’s attorneys say the two companies violated the Video Privacy Protection Act, which prohibits video rental companies from disclosing personally identifiable information about consumers.


“C” is for Cookie: Google, Viacom Seek Dismissal of Privacy Case

Google and Viacom have asked a federal judge to dismiss a potential class-action lawsuit accusing the companies of violating privacy laws at, and The suit stems from charges that the companies place cookies on sites visited by kids.  Read more via MediaPost here.

Toys R Us Gets in the Tablet Game

Toys R Us today announced the launch of a tablet computer for kids — Tabeo – to be released just ahead of the holiday season next month.

I agree with Needham & Co. analyst Sean McGowan who said, ““Toys R Us’ Tabeo appears to offer great value, but the challenge with Tabeo will be keeping the product from occupying an awkward middle ground — not quite cool enough to get people to spend the money, but not cheap enough to be an impulse purchase.”

The Tabeo will come with 50 preinstalled apps, including Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, and a book app called istorybooks.  It will be equipped with WiFi and run on Google’s Android 4.0 operating system.

Will be interesting to see if there’s room for another device targeted at kids to compete directly with LeapFrog’s LeapPad. If I can get my hands on one, I’ll check it out and report back.

A Beautiful Mindset

Today I stumbled across the Beloit College Mindset List, a nonscientific compilation meant to remind teachers that college freshman, born mostly in 1994, see the world in a much different way.

Released earlier this week, the List has evolved into a sort-of national phenomenon. This year’s theme is how wired the incoming college class is. Makes sense.

I found it interesting that some teens were insulted by the insinuation that they had no knowledge of events that happened before they were born. Yeah, how dare they!  That’s what Google and YouTube is for 🙂