Children NOT Exposed to Media Actually Have Lower Language Scores

A new analysis says the data in a paper about videos designed to promote learning in infants were selectively interpreted to conclude that they might do harm.

Interesting…check out the Chronicle of Higher Education article here.


Advocacy Group Claims Mobile Apps Not Effective in Teaching Babies

The Boston-based Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, whose allegations against “Baby Einstein” videos eventually led to nationwide consumer refunds, is urging federal regulators to examine the marketing practices of Fisher-Price’s “Laugh & Learn” mobile apps and Open Solutions’ games, such as “Baby Hear and Read” and “Baby First Puzzle.”

According to this Associated Press article, the group says developers are trying to dupe parents into thinking apps are more educational than entertaining. It’s the campaign’s first complaint to the Federal Trade Commission against the mobile app industry as part of its broader push to hold businesses accountable for marketing claims about their technology to very young children and their parents.

Tabelttoddlers believes that apps are not a substitute for parents or teachers.  However, we feel there are educational value in certain apps.  But like we always say…everything in moderation.