Teachers, parents divided on technology

There is a wide gap between teachers and parents concerning technology, with teachers saying it has harmed students’ mental and physical health, according to a majority of educators participating in a recent Gallup survey. Parents surveyed were more likely to say that technology helps support students’ mental and physical health.

Check out this Washington Post article for more.


YouTube to offer handpicked videos on new Kids app

YouTube will soon launch a new choice for parents seeking programming for their children with a version of its Kids app that offers only videos handpicked by YouTube staff. The algorithm-driven version will still be available.

For more information, check out this Buzzfeed article.

Is Tech Affecting Students’ Handwriting?

Increasing use of technology has affected students hand strength leading to difficulty holding pens and pencils, says Sally Payne of the Heart of England foundation NHS Trust. Activities such as cutting, playing with building blocks and pulling ropes can help students develop proper writing grip, Payne notes.

Check out this Guardian article for more.

Teacher and children

America’s Real Digital Divide

From an interesting op-ed in today’s NY Times:

“A group of former Facebook and Google employees last week began a campaign to change the tech companies they had a hand in creating. The initiative, called Truth About Tech, aims to push these companies to make their products less addictive for children — and it’s a good start.  But there’s more to the problem. If you think middle-class children are being harmed by too much screen time, just consider how much greater the damage is to minority and disadvantaged kids, who spend much more time in front of screens.”

Kids and the Future of AI

Friend of Tablettoddlers Cory Treffiletti has a great column today on MediaPost about kids and the future of AI.

What really caught my attention was the part about how advertising resonates with his kids because watching commercials in a world in which everything is on-demand is almost like a rare treat.  Tablettoddlers was just having this same conversation over a delicious Chinese food lunch today with friends Joanna and Glen.

When it comes to our kids and AI, I agree wholeheartedly with Cory’s closing line…”it’s going to be an interesting 20 years ahead, that’s for sure.”

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