Why Mark Zuckerberg Should Be Worried

There’s a whole new generation of children growing up in the digital world. The social-media giant Facebook hopes this is the next wave of users, but are they really interested in having a profile?

Business Insider asked little kids between ages 9 and 11 what they really thought of Facebook.  Check out the video here.


Moms with Young Kids More Likely on Social Media Sites

New analysis from Experian Marketing Services, a provider of integrated consumer insights, targeting and cross-channel marketing, found that moms with young kids, defined as children under the age of 5, are often more active on social media, more likely to shop using mobile devices and more open to engage with brands across digital touch-points than other segments of moms and consumers at large. The analysis focused on the unique online, mobile and shopping behavior of young moms and offered suggestions for brands looking to expand their reach and relevance with these moms.



SnapChat – The Next Generation of Kids’ Social Media?

Many of the big social networks have decided not to court kids because it’s time consuming and hard to make their services legally compliant for that demographic because of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).  But disposable photo messaging service Snapchat is rolling out a kid-targeted platform, SnapKidz, a message-free sandbox that is accessible through the traditional SnapChat app.

Kids can experiment with drawing and taking photos, saving the results onto a phone or tablet.  No messages can be sent or received through the platform so everything is local — and COPPA compliant — as SnapChat doesn’t directly access any information from the child.

Although Tablettoddlers isn’t a fan of the SnapChat app for adults, it’s a smart strategy to hook ’em while they’re young so they could be loyal for a long time.  In many ways, SnapKidz could be the next generation of children’s social media, and one that manages to toe the line between pleasing kids, parents and government.

Honest Toddler Twitter Lands Book Deal

@HonestToddler is a Twitter account-turned-book that illustrates the detailed daily inner thoughts of a mischievous toddler. Very, very funny.  Highly recommend following.  Check out some of the funniest recent tweets:

“Most toddlers use a form of Pinterest 24/7. We call it “imagination.”

“Whining? We prefer the term “verbal falsetto.” Thank you.”

“Just tried dark chocolate. Adults, is it safe to say you’ve forgotten what candy is supposed to taste like?”