Samsung Created an App That Can Stop Kids Holding Phones Too Close to Their Faces

Samsung has developed an app called Safety Screen which forces users, especially young children, to hold their mobile devices at an ideal viewing distance from their eyes.

The free app, available on Android only, runs in the background and uses facial recognition software to determine when a smartphone or tablet is held too close the eye.

For more, read the Business Insider post.

Samsung Safetyscreen


Your Smartphone May be Stunting Your Child’s Development

Interesting video on Business Insider in which Dan Siegel, founding co-director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center, advocates caution in putting an electronic device in front of children to distract them.  The major takeaway:  don’t allow these devices to stunt important development.

Excessive Social Media Use Linked To Mental Health Issues In Kids

The latest study, carried out by the UK Office of National Statistics, found that children ages 10-15 who spend more than three hours a day on social media were significantly more likely to experience mental health problems than those who spent less than three hours on social media (27% versus 11%).

Overall, the study found 8% of children in this age group spend three hours a day or more on social websites, while 56% spend up to three hours a day, and 37% don’t spend any time on social websites. The study also found girls were twice as likely as boys to spend over three hours a day on social media than boys (11% versus 5%).

Screen Addiction Is Taking a Toll on Children

From the NY Times article:

“Excessive use of computer games among young people in China appears to be taking an alarming turn and may have particular relevance for American parents whose children spend many hours a day focused on electronic screens. The documentary “Web Junkie,” to be shown next Monday on PBS, highlights the tragic effects on teenagers who become hooked on video games, playing for dozens of hours at a time often without breaks to eat, sleep or even use the bathroom. Many come to view the real world as fake.”

Coach Leo Turns Tablet Into Activity Center for Kids

As the end of summer draws near and the playgrounds make way for the classrooms, friend of Tablettoddlers Matt Eppedio has announced the launch of Coach Leo Kids, a live action/animated show that he’s been developing with Sam Skoryna and John Skoryna.
Applying the creative techniques developed and taught at the wildly popular classes of Lionheart Fitness Kids, their mission is to turn your TV, computer, or tablet into an activity center for your kids with a live action/animated show that will engage every child into an active and healthy lifestyle.
Coach Leo Kids

Kids Getting Rashes from Their Tablets

From the PRNewser post:

“Used to be that kids would play in the dirt and come home with ringworm. Now kids are spending a whole lot of time playing on the couch or on the porch and still end up with suspicious skin rashes. What gives? Nickel. Pediatrics is reporting that there’s an increased number of kids reporting cases of allergic contact dermatitis, a skin irritation that can happen when they come in contact with nickel…”

children with tablets

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