Twitter Launches Vine Kids App

Check out the video here.

From the Vine blog post:

We’ve seen for ourselves – and heard from parents, siblings and others – that kids love Vine. So, we built Vine Kids, a simple new app that gives young children a fun way to watch Vines.

Through adorable animated characters, kids can watch videos that are appropriate for a young audience. Swiping right or left shows a new Vine, and you can tap the screen to hear quirky sounds.

Here’s the link to the App store.


Survey: Kids Love Apple’s iPad More Than Disney

Apple’s iPad is the No. 1 brand among children 6-12, beating out Disney, Nickelodeon, YouTube, Netflix, Toys ‘R’ Us, McDonald’s, and multiple snack-food brands, according to a new survey. “Kids increasingly turn to iPad for games, TV shows, videos, books, homework help” and more.  Check out this Variety article for more.

Kids Love Ipads more than TV

Some Parents Don’t Want iPads in Schools

Following up yesterday’s post about the LA school system giving iPads to every child, I came across this NY Times piece which presents an interesting counter…some parents don’t want iPads in school.

From the article, “…the school system, without meaning to, is subverting my parenting, in particular my fitful efforts to regulate my children’s exposure to screens. These efforts arise directly from my own tortured history as a digital pioneer, and the war still raging within me between harnessing the dazzling gifts of technology versus fighting to preserve the slower, less convenient pleasures of the analog world.”


LA Schools to Get iPads for All Students

Los Angeles’ school system, the second largest in the United States, has ordered iPads for all its students, handing Apple a major success in its quest to make the tablet a replacement for textbooks. The city’s education board approved the purchase of $30 million worth of iPads.

The initial order is for more than 31,000 iPads, Apple said. The Los Angeles Unified School District has more than 640,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Apple said 10 million iPads are in use in schools today. The company said that when the rollout is completed, Los Angeles will be the largest school district in the nation to provide each student with an iPad.

Even though Tablettoddlers is based in Boston, we certainly do love LA

iPad Abuse

My iPad has been dropped, stepped on, left on top of the hood of our car while driving (true story – we actually turned around after realizing it was up there after 10 minutes and FOUND IT in the middle of the road at a traffic light), had apple juice and milk spilled on it, used as a cookie crumb catcher, etc. etc. etc.

I’m sure this isn’t out of the ordinary for any parent who lets their young’ins use the ubiquitous device.  I just wish there was something out there that would do a better job protecting it from my kids.

Wait, there is?  Thank you, New York Times.

FaceTime and Fenway

View from our seats.

FaceTime is dead!  Long live FaceTime!

Just found out the wife and I scored GA tix to see Bruce at Fenway.  We went last night and it was…THE BOSS.  Needless to say, after playing his usual 3 1/2 hour show we didn’t get home in time to send the kids off to bed.  Told the daughter this morning we’d be home right after work for some quality time.  But come on…it’s The Boss… AT FENWAY!  A once, er, twice in-a-lifetime chance to see the living legend and who knows how much longer he’ll be around.  Enter…FaceTime.  Rather than merely telling the daughter by speaking with her through the babysitter’s phone, I was able to FaceTime with her and explain why mommy and daddy were going to be home late again.  Of course, all my consternation was for nothing as she said “OK, bye daddy, see you tomorrow” and went back to watching one of her Disney movies for the 8,000th time.  I wonder, however, if I told her via a regular call, would her reaction have been the same?  Perhaps the comfort of seeing daddy’s face with hearing his voice was the game saver?  We’ll never know.  But what we do know is that FaceTime is a wonderful invention, especially for parents with young kids.