Travel Apps and Games for Children on the Go

From the Sunday NY Times:

“With spring break around the corner, many families will be facing full flights and long road trips. To help maintain order in the back seat and stave off midair meltdowns, do yourself and fellow passengers a favor: Throw out your usual screen time limits and let the children binge on movies and gaming apps for those travel hours. You can quash parental guilt by loading your phone or tablet with apps designed to get them thinking, not just entertained. (To keep noise at a safe level for small ears, invest in a good set of headphones like the $100 Puro recommended by The Wirecutter, the product recommendations website owned by The New York Times.)”


Free Clubs Help Spread Coding Language

Students ages 6 to 18 are learning about computer coding by attending one of the more than 1,200 CoderDojos operating in 65 countries. These coding workshops, which are free and operated by volunteers, feature a flexible learning model.  Click here for more info.