Augmented Reality Game Osmo Pizza Co. Teaches Young Kids Entrepreneurial Skills

From the VentureBeat post:

Osmo has made its mark with award-winning augmented reality iPad games for children, and now it’s launching another one: Osmo Pizza Co., where kids learn how to run a pizza shop and develop entrepreneurial skills. It’s another magical way to teach kids how to run a business, make change, and keep customers happy.

The title is the third game that Palo Alto, Calif.-based Osmo has launched this year, and it once again uses the iPad camera and a simple mirror to create an augmented reality experience for children ages 5 to 12.

With Osmo Pizza Co., you attach a mirror to the top of an iPad, enabling its camera to see what is immediately in front of the tablet. Then you start the game, responding to customers who ask for a certain kind of pizza. You place faux pizza dough in front of the iPad. Then you quickly place pizza toppings on top of it, fulfilling the customer’s order.

The magic comes in as the iPad camera, with the help of Osmo’s artificial intelligence software, recognizes the objects thrown in front of it. If you have put the correct pieces in front of the tablet, the app generates a positive response. It recognizes the pizza toppings and checks to see if you got the order correct. After the customers eat the pizza, they pay you, and you make change by putting physical currency in front of the camera. The tablet recognizes the correct amount and shows the math on the tablet screen.

Image result for Osmo Pizza Co


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