Loving the Kids Zone

Tablettoddlers has written about this before but we thought it was worth revisiting:  KidsZone on Comcast Xfinity’s X1 Platform is fantastic.  It’s like parental controls on steroids.  When in Kids Zone, my kids can browse all on their own, selecting live programming, free Xfinity On Demand content, movies as well as any saved programming on our DVR — all of which has either been flagged by the network or studio as kids programming, or deemed age-appropriate for kids 12 and under by Common Sense Media.  Also, while in Kids Zone, kids can quickly find recently-watched programming, browse by their favorite network and even sort by their favorite theme such as “superheroes,” “princesses” or “talking animals.” Parents can even filter programming that surfaces within Kids Zone down to specific age-ranges. For example, if I don’t want my six year old to watch shows designed for older kids, I can filter those out, tailoring the Kids Zone content to appropriate fare. They can also set shows to shuffle play.

So glad we made the decision to become connected again with Comcast after several years of cord-cutting.


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