Maybe It’s Time to Give Pokemon Go a Try

Tablettoddlers initially rolled our eyes at the Pokemon Go craze a few weeks ago and gave it a dismissive shrug.  After reading friend Jason Boog’s post, we may reconsider.  Here’s a sample of what the whip-smart Boog said:

“I loved playing the popular app with my almost 6-year-old daughter. The game turns your real life neighborhood into a digital map filled with creatures to discover. We walked around our neighborhood, photographed digital creatures in the bushes, captured Pokémon and met other kids playing the game. Best of all, we shared my smartphone for a couple hours–a truly rare experience.”

We especially liked his advice on how to supplement the app with a good old-fashioned book:

“Instead of criticizing kids for obsessing over apps like Pokémon Go, we should find books that compliment these digital experiences. I ordered our family a copy of Scholastic’s Pokémon Deluxe Essential Handbook. This colorful reference book gives kids a way to explore the Pokémon universe WITHOUT a device.”

Sounds like there’s no downside to at least giving it a try, considering how Pokemon-crazy Tablettoddlers’ nine and six year old are.  Will report back.



The Merits of Reading Real Books to Your Children

From the NY Times post:

“Reading and being read to open unlimited stories; worlds can be described and created for you, right there on the page, or yes, on the screen, if that is where you do your later reading. But as those early paper books offer you those unlimited stories, the pictures will move if you imagine the movement; the duck will quack if you know how to work your parent. It’s all about pushing the right buttons.”