Re-Connecting the Cord with Comcast

Tablettoddlers attended an event sponsored by Comcast last week which introduced us to its X1 platform and KidsZone.  As a first generation cord-cutter, we were skeptical.  However, after witnessing a demo of the product, we’re here to say that when Tablettoddlers moves into its new home (office) in Chestnut Hill at the end of June, we’ll be coming back to Comcast.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • The Guide is so much easier to navigate.  It looks better and lets you “Favorite” top shows, movies, actors/actresses, and sports teams
  • You can stream videos of your kids from your iPhone to the TV and most importantly, share with family and friends.  Very easy to save, access and share videos and photos with cloud storage.
  • The X1 sports app turns the TV into a live scoreboard with stats.  For a fantasy baseball aficionado like me, that’s golden.
  • The DVR allows you to now record up to 6 programs at once, plus stream those recordings from any internet connection (wifi and 4G) or download them to go with the free Xfinity TV app – great for plane, train, and car rides with no internet access.
  • The X1 voice remote blows Siri away.
  • And last but certainly not least – KidsZone.  Read much more about this here.  A total game-changer/lifesaver.



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