PBS Is Creating a Channel Exclusively for Children

The network announced Tuesday it will launch PBS Kids, a 24-hour free broadcast and live-streamed channel of nonstop programming for children. The move comes as Netflix has made in-roads with its kids programming and “Sesame Street” began airing on HBO last month. PBS brass says PBS Kids will emphasize educational content.

Check out this NY Times article for more.


Survey Finds 76% of Children Prefer Print Books

Children prefer print books to ebooks for both reading for pleasure and reading for education, a study by reading charity BookTrust has found. Recent research conducted by BookTrust in association with the Open University investigated the use of digital media and ebooks by young children, with particular focus on children’s reading for pleasure and shared reading with their parents at home. It investigated parental reports of practices and the associated perceptions of these practices by parents of zero to eight-year-old children. In total, 1,511 parents of UK children completed the survey.

Survey finds 76% of children prefer print books