The Heavy-Metal Genius Behind Garbage-Truck YouTube’s Greatest Empire

From NY Magazine:

I first came to his channel, Thrash ‘N’ Trash, by way of my now-2-year-old son, whose fascination with the weekly appearance of our neighborhood trash truck needed to be supplemented with the kind of on-demand trash-truck action I figured I might find on YouTube. And it completely won me over after he quietly watched “Garbage Trucks: On Route, In Action!” on a loop for the better part of a transatlantic flight this summer.

Through his Thrash ‘N’ Trash oeuvre, Erdman has managed to tap into the dual veins that circulate contentment through a family home: toddlers’ utter fascination with trash trucks, and their parents’ equally enthusiastic desire to pacify their kids with inoffensive content. For my preschool-age viewer, the footage represents a greatest-hits montage of the machines that enthrall him. For a parent like me, the video is a mesmerizing and oddly soothing tour of the various nondescript residential communities sprawled across the region, each distinguishable only by the colors of its curbside trash barrels and their adjacent lawns.

Check out the video here.


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