Kids and Screen Time: Empowering a Digital Generation

From the Mediashift post:

“What happens on the screen does not stay on the screen — Have you ever noticed your child pretending to be their favorite TV or app character in their off-screen play time? Children do that all the time. They also relish having toys that represent their ‘virtual friends’ in the real world. They extend screen-play experiences to offline play during role play, block play, drawing, crafting, and many other traditional forms of play.

What happens in the real world influences children’s play on the screen — children love apps that resonate with familiar everyday narratives like cooking in the kitchen, shopping in the supermarket, playing trains, driving cars, or going to a restaurant. That means children do not separate their “real” experiences from their “virtual” ones but merge the two to grasp a better understanding of their day-to-day routines and the events around them. Perhaps, that’s why Toca City, Toca Kitchen, Tiggly Chef, Tiggly Doctor, Homes by Tinybop, and many other pretend and role-play apps are always among the most popular apps on children’s play list.

Our brains are wired to think and learn with our hands — that means we should try to incorporate playing with real objects as part of play on screens. In fact, there is a new trend on the rise that brings physical play into children’s digital sandbox. At Tiggly, for example, we have designed real shapes, counting toys, and letters that children can grab with their hands and play with them directly on their screen as they interact with apps. Wonder workshop brings the real and virtual world together by providing the means for children to code actions for real robots.”


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