8-year-old Interviews Co-founder of Company Who Makes Her Favorite App

Toca Boca CEO Bjorn Jeffrey interviewed by 8-year old.  Check it out on Business Insider.

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Less Glitz Makes for More Magic in Children’s Apps

Recent research suggests it’s far from clear that the sorts of multisensory features that distinguish kids’ games and other forms of digital entertainment must be replicated in reading experiences in order to hold children’s attentions.

For more, check out this Digital Book World post.

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Most 2-Years-Olds Use Mobile Media Devices

By the time children are 1 year old, one in seven uses a mobile device for at least an hour a day, according to a study presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting in San Diego. Of children younger than 1 year, 52 percent had watched television shows, 36 percent had touched or scrolled a screen, 24 percent had called someone, 15 percent used apps, and 12 percent played video games. By age 2, most kids were using mobile devices in some way. Their usage increased as they aged.

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Comment Contest: Share Your Best/Worst Mother’s Day Gift Story

Printed photos are a great gift for Mother’s Day and an easy project for Dad to do on the sly with the kids this week, so the good folks at Pictarine kindly offered TabletToddlers readers a discount on prints just for sharing your best/worst Mother’s Day gift ideas below. Here’s how this works: everyone that replies will get a 25% off code, and yours truly will select the top 3 to receive a 50% code.

The codes will work with Pictarine’s always-useful 1-hour photo printing app for iOS and Android devices, that lets you order prints at any Walgreen’s (or Duane Reade for you NYers) right from your phone, and pick them up in an hour.

So let’s get to it! What was the best Mother’s Day gift you ever gave or received? Have one go over particularly badly?

Born Reading Newsletter Names Hat Monkey App of the Week

The Born Reading Newsletter, an email featuring one book, one app, and one craft to share with the kids in your life, has named Hat Monkey its App of the Week.

If you want to read the rest, Tablettoddlers recommends you check out the newsletter: http://tinyletter.com/jasonboog/letters/born-reading-newsletter-pretend-phones