The Kids Are Alright Without Enhanced E-Reading

From the Digital Book World post:

For all the time millennials are spending on digital platforms, they aren’t dropping everything in order to read on them.

The numbers tell a pretty clear story. While e-reading is popular and growing among younger readers, two recent studies both find they’re still about twice as likely to read a print book as an ebook.

Less clear is how come, and what, if anything, publishers can do to get more digital natives to live up to that title.

Voicing the familiar worry that “we’re losing an entire generation of readers” to the enticements of other media, one digital publishing start-up boldly offers to redefine the e-reading experience as “an all-out assault on the senses.”

But that might be very hard to do.

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When to Buy Your Child His or Her First Cellphone

From the NY Times article:

Parents have a love-hate relationship with firsts. Some they like: the first smile, the first steps, the first sleeping through the night. Others they dread: the first flu, the first tantrum, the first broken bone. As children get older, the firsts become more nuanced, generating both joy in our children’s independence and fear of their slipping away: the first summer away, the first date, the first driver’s license.

But few firsts generate more ambivalence than the first cellphone.