Coach Leo Kickstarter Launches Today

Tablettoddlers is excited to introduce our readers to a fantastic project that we’re proud to support.  Our friend Matt Eppedio has created an amazing children’s show called COACH LEO that is unlike anything in children’s entertainment.  It’s an interactive live-action/animation show that will turn your TV, computer, laptop into an activity center, engaging children into an active and healthy lifestyle.  It’s based on the imaginative techniques taught around the country at the wildly popular children’s sports program, Lionheart Fitness Kids founded by his partners, Sam and John Skoryna.   Lionheart has had amazing success getting kids active and Coach Leo can take that success to an entire generation.

Today is a big day for the show as they launch the Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the pilot (  They’ve got some great rewards for backers and an awesome video that explains the show much better than we can.   Please check it out and see what level of support you would like to lend.

Bad habits and inactivity start early.  Coach Leo will combat them before they start.  Be a part of the solution.


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