Comcast Offers Up to Six Months Complimentary Internet, Amnesty for Low-Income Families

Ever since Comcast introduced Internet Essentials the program has continued to expand and grow.  As parents prepare for the 2014 school year, Comcast has announced two new components.  First, new Internet Essentials participants can get six months of free service if they sign up before September 20.  Second, amnesty program for certain low-income families who could qualify for Internet Essentials, but have a past due balance. Customers who have an outstanding bill that is more than one year old are now eligible for the program.

Internet Essentials is Comcast’s flagship community investment program for families with children in either the free or reduced National School Lunch Program, which provides free digital literacy training to ALL participants, offers Internet service at a guaranteed price of $9.95 per month (which will never change as long as the family has a child enrolled in the lunch program) and gives the opportunity for participants to buy a computer for less than $150 if they don’t already have one.  Not only has this program helped kids do better in school, but it’s also enabled family members and caregivers to find new jobs and better connect with their communities.


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