Stui Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Wonderblox iPad App

Stui, a (mobile) “app-cessories” educational children’s toy developer, today launched a kickstarter campaign for Wonderblox, an iPad app and set of blocks that uses the iPad screen as the play area. It comes with a playset that has an embedded mirror to direct the iPad’s front-facing camera to the play area, allowing children to position the blocks on the iPad screen to spell out words.

For example, when the word DOG appears on the screen, the user needs to place the appropriate letter block on each square. When the app “sees” the word has been spelled correctly, the child can move on to the next level of the game.

Wonderblox can differentiate colors and recognize patterns, geometric shapes and letters from every existing language. Stui is also working on a stacking mechanism that can detect columns of blocks, adding to the play experience.

The playset also stores the blocks after you play!


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