Star Wars Goes Mobile With Interactive Storybooks from Disney, Lucasfilm

The Walt Disney Co. and Lucasfilm want to introduce the Star Wars film franchise to younger audiences and families through interactive story books called “Star Wars Journeys” that launched Thursday. The app-based experience, available only on Apple devices as of now, is the first digital Star Wars product that Disney Publishing and Lucasfilm have developed in-house since Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012. THR / Heat Vision The series of apps are targeted at ages 6-8 and mix immersive storytelling with gameplay, activities and background information about the characters and concepts within the story. The line launched withThe Phantom Menace, with apps planned for each of the remaining five movies to be rolled out in upcoming months. NYT A long lull followed the 2012 purchase of Lucasfilm, but Star Wars news lately has been plentiful. On April 17, came word of four new children’s books written by well-known authors. Then, last Friday, Lucasfilm unveiled a more coordinated approach to Star Warsstorytelling across movies, cartoon series and spinoffs; Disney Publishing Worldwide simultaneously announced a new line of adult Star Wars books. And on Tuesday the Star Wars: Episode VII cast was revealed.


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