An Email App for Kids

Emailing might not be the most ideal activity for children, but kids often want to emulate adults in as many ways as possible. One could argue it’s healthy to allow kids to use emails to send notes and drawings to grandparents and other family members using this app from Tocomail. It comes with complete parental controls and allows parents to set limits as well as monitoring of their child’s messages.  Check out the video here.


Coding for Kids Project ScratchJr Off to Solid Start

From the BizJournals article:

In just two days, an iPad app focused on teaching kids how to code reached its $25,000 fundraising goal on Kickstarter. So far, the app, called ScratchJr and being developed in a MIT Media Lab and Tufts collaboration, has raised more than $45,000 since it launched March 17.

Organizers of the project describe ScratchJr as an introductory programming language that “enables young children (ages 5-7) to create their own interactive stories and games. Children snap together graphical programming blocks to make characters move, jump, dance and sing.” ScratchJr uses Scratch, a free educational programming language geared towards kids and developed at MIT.


Laughing and Learning with Just Joking App

Just Joking from National Geographic Society is a free app download that gives a sample of 25 kid-safe jokes. Additional “laugh packs” of 100 jokes can be purchased for $0.99. Expect to see random jokes while learning about subjects such as animals, science, space, or weather. You can even shake the phone to get a random joke.

From the app:  “With knock-knock jokes, tongue twisters, riddles, cross-the-road jokes, and more, Just Joking is perfect for any road trip or rainy afternoon. Laughing animals, goofy people, and other colorful illustrations are paired with fun sound effects and interactives and presented in our signature eye-popping color palette and dynamic photo-driven style. Parents can rest easy knowing that each joke is age-appropriate and handpicked by a brand they know and trust: National Geographic Kids.”

just jokin

Animation to Teach Kids About Dangers of Mobile Ads

There are millions of kids online, and as we’ve seen many times before, they can innocently rack up a large mobile bill. To prevent that, use this interactive, animated guide from this collaborative video between Will Samuel and UK’s Internet Advertising Bureau – it’s perfect for parents with young children who love to read eBooks or play mobile games.

Turning a Tablet into a Child’s Interactive TV

Great NY Times article today about interactive programs on tablets made specifically for kids.

The children’s entertainment publisher ToyTalk created an interactive program, the Winston Show, and as your child talks back to the characters in that show, parents get emails with subject lines like, “Your kid said something awesome.”  Good stuff.

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