Many Parents Letting Kids Use Their Tablets for Schoolwork

According to a recently released Nielsen study:

Approximately 78 percent of parents with tablets admitted they let their kids under the age of 11 use their tablets at home.

More than half of parents (54 percent) who let their kids use their tablets at home replied that their children used tablets for educational purposes.

Out of this pool, some of the most popular activities were reading books (42 percent), taking notes (40 percent), and finishing homework (30 percent).

The top activity was actually “searching the Internet” with 51 percent, which could be left up to some interpretation, but the other activities certainly have merit.

71 percent of people who used tablets for educational use affirmed they are interested in using the devices for accessing textbooks as well.

It’s a chicken-and-egg situation of what needs to happen first: more parents buying tablets for educational reasons, or content providers delivering digital materials first?


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