Disney Leads Evolution of the Storybook

One of Tablettoddlers’ favorite apps is Disney Story Theater, where readers can choose a Disney character, setting and props and then put them together with their own recorded audio to create a narrative.

Disney’s expanded offering of storybook apps, like its recent deluxe versions of Monsters University and Cinderella, incorporate video and games. For beginning readers, Disney created Storytime, an app to collect Disney stories that lets parents purchase credits that children use to buy the stories they want.

The company is offering a more sophisticated approach for young adults, allowing readers to engage more deeply in Kingdom Keepers, a series of adventure books from Ridley Pearson. In a contest that runs through September, readers are asked to write excerpts about how the final book turns out. And fans can influence what happens by voting online on aspects like plot lines, characters and dialogue. As of July 9, the program had 20,572 registered users, 9,740 of whom were under the age of 13 (the primary audience for the series). And 10,615 fan fiction entries have been submitted so far.

Disney says the new initiatives are paying off by getting children to read more.  Tablettoddlers concurs and endorses.


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