Ingenious Artkive App Saves Your Kids Art Work in the Cloud for Free

Tablettoddlers has come across one of the most ingenious and useful apps in the history of this blog – Artkive.

And who better to tell the story of Artkive than its founder, Jedd Gold:

“My wife was struggling to efficiently document and save our kids’ art and school work. Even for someone with good intentions, it was a laborious process to get it all documented and into a book….and every parent in the world can relate to the problem of what to do with all that art and school work kids bring home.  I decided to create an app called Artkive to solve the problem.  Artkive is the fastest and easiest way to take, tag, share, and chronologically store kids’ art and school work – then, when you’re ready, hit print and we send you a hard cover book of your child’s whole year of art.”

Artkive is a featured app in iTunes in its “Best Apps for Parents” section, winner of a Family Choice Award, a Parents’ Choice Recommended Award, chosen as a Daily Candy Favorite Find of 2012, Cool Mom Tech Pick of the Year, and more.

Tablettoddlers tried the app and we’re sold…hook, line and sinker.  And the best part is that it’s simple and FREE!!!

Artkive gets the Tablettoddlers official seal of approval.  Well done.

Check out the Artkive video here.


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