Parents Can Use Pinterest to Keep Kids Learning Over the Summer

From the SocialTimes article:
One fantastic resource for parents is Pinterest expert Melissa Taylor, who curates educational content there for her Imagination Soup blog readers on her Pinterest page. Taylor lives in Denver, Colo., and is a mom of two. She has more than 1 million Pinterest followers and wrote the book “Pinterest Savvy.”


Apps That Reward Kids for Doing Chores

From the WSJ article:

Few parents see digital games as a promising way to pry kids off the couch—much less inspire them to be useful around the house. But a new generation of chore apps, designed primarily for the under-12 set, aims to turn kids into bed makers, laundry folders and toy picker-uppers by offering rewards ranging from funny collectible monsters to redeemable digital coins.

Marvel Launches Share Your Universe

Citing the excitement they all felt upon first discovering the Marvel Universe, Marvel’s top brass unveiled a new initiative aimed at providing free content to help hook younger readers. Marvel: Share Your Universe will offer a week of downloadable cartoons on PS2 and Windows 8; a free sampler comic available at comic shops; and future free digital comics and activity guides.

The material Marvel is offering is all aimed at the 6-10 age group; and a new Facebook page will form the hub for disseminating more material, with weekly downloadable activities and episode guides posted to

Apps to Entertain Kids This Summer

From the NY Times piece on noteworthy apps to entertain kids this summer:

For preschoolers, the Jungle Book mixes visually rich 3-D page transitions with nine playful activities inspired from Rudyard Kipling’s story.

For ages 5 to 11, Toca Builders ($2 on iPhone and iPad ) brings a new type of block play to your touch screen with six playful building machines and a floating grid. Figuring the controls is part of the fun and challenge; each has different controls and a gentle learning curve, so children learn common touch-screen control mechanics.

Four- to 7-year olds will enjoy Grandma’s Kitchen, which is $2 for the iPad and iPhone. Seven food-theme games are presented by an eccentric grandmother figure, who serves up jigs and snappy one liners along with math and reading games. You can customize this app for your child in the parent menu to turn on and off the activities.

Teaching Toddlers About Fonts

Want to teach the toddler in your life how to appreciate typography? MIT design researcher Jesse Austin-Breneman hopes to raise $15,000 on Kickstarter to fund a first edition printing of his board book, Are You My Typeface? It’s the story of a little lost “a” searching for its typeface. Check out the video here.

Petting Zoo App Great for Toddlers

Petting Zoo is an interactive storybook app available for 99 cents on iPad & Android devices which brings simple drawings to life. It features a menagerie of 21 interactive animal characters that users can swipe or tap to see how they react.  For example, push the rabbit and it stretches towards the edges of the screen or strike the teeth of a crocodile to play a tune.

Great app for toddlers.  Thus, it’s Tablettoddlers approved.