NY Times Profiles Analog Toy Maker Melissa & Doug

Great piece in the NY Times Sunday about ‘analog’ toy maker Melissa & Doug.

In a toy industry increasingly turning to high-tech gadgetry and movie tie-ins, the Melissa & Doug company has thrived by sticking to the basics.

Good friend of Tablettoddlers Sean Branagan and I had an email exchange about the article.  He pointed to this takeaway – “Crucially, the rise of high-tech entertainment has changed how children play. Apps and video games have soared in popularity; on Amazon, you can even buy an iPod stand to accompany a potty trainer.”

I couldn’t agree more.  I see this in my own kids every day.  As parents, we try to strike a balance between time playing with gadgets and time spent with analog toys, such as Melissa & Doug and Haba.

Another takeaway for Sean and was the part about when your kid says he/she is bored parents think they are not good parents.

“Reminds me of my mother’s line when we said it (and I used it with my kids) ‘Oh, you’re bored? Only boring people get bored,” Sean said.

Love it.


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