Interactive Storytelling App Hullabalu Launches Today

Tablettoddlers got a sneak preview yesterday of the new interactive storytelling app Hullabalu which launched earlier today and now available in the app store.

Bottom line…we were VERY impressed with how the story evolves as the action progresses based on how your kids engage with the characters.  Also, the animation and desigsn are top notch.  Rarely do you find that in a kids app not involving Disney or one of the other big name kids entertainment providers.

We also appreciate the educational component as it teaches kids logical thinking in that their decisions have consequences and sparking kids’ creativity and imagination.

The app goes for $3.99 and is worth every penny.  Founder Suzanne Xie said that there are plans for several sequels to be introduced down the road.

Check out Techcrunch’s coverage here and this preview video:

This app is 100% Tablettoddlers approved and recommended.  Can’t wait to show my kids on the iPad tonight.



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