To Bundle or Not to Bundle…That is the Question

Considering my Comcast XFinity Triple Play bill (TV, internet, phone) is approaching $250 per month, I think it might be time to consider alternatives.

The Aereo TV service is now available in Boston, home of Tablettoddlers.  In case you’re unfamiliar, Aereo lets you access local over-the-air channels (all the major broadcast networks and 20 other channels) in HD with the ability to record live TV via DVR on the iPad or iPhone.

So at Tablettoddlers headquarters, we’d have Aereo at $8 or $12 per month depending on DVR capacity (20 vs. 60 hours), Amazon Instant Video ($8 per month), Netflix ($10 per month), and Hulu Plus ($8 per month).  That’s approximately $40-45 per month factoring in the one-time charge of purchasing a $99 Apple TV.

On the flip side, we’d be losing access to some of the kids’ favorite video apps like Disney Junior and the Xfinity Player.  And Tablettoddlers mom & dad would lose HBO, ESPN, etc.  Plus, we’d still have to pay for Comcast Xfinity Blast high-speed internet, which is about $80 per month.

Decisions decisions…


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