Toddler Hide and Seek Google Glass Style

Check out POV video of this toddler playing hide and seek with dad’s Google Glass.  Adorable.


To Bundle or Not to Bundle…That is the Question

Considering my Comcast XFinity Triple Play bill (TV, internet, phone) is approaching $250 per month, I think it might be time to consider alternatives.

The Aereo TV service is now available in Boston, home of Tablettoddlers.  In case you’re unfamiliar, Aereo lets you access local over-the-air channels (all the major broadcast networks and 20 other channels) in HD with the ability to record live TV via DVR on the iPad or iPhone.

So at Tablettoddlers headquarters, we’d have Aereo at $8 or $12 per month depending on DVR capacity (20 vs. 60 hours), Amazon Instant Video ($8 per month), Netflix ($10 per month), and Hulu Plus ($8 per month).  That’s approximately $40-45 per month factoring in the one-time charge of purchasing a $99 Apple TV.

On the flip side, we’d be losing access to some of the kids’ favorite video apps like Disney Junior and the Xfinity Player.  And Tablettoddlers mom & dad would lose HBO, ESPN, etc.  Plus, we’d still have to pay for Comcast Xfinity Blast high-speed internet, which is about $80 per month.

Decisions decisions…

Put Sonos on Your Kids’ Radar

As the readers of this blog are well aware, I’m a huge fan of Sonos for its amazing sound quality and most importantly, how easy it is to set up and operate.  So easy, in fact, that my 6-year old can do it.

They have a great promo going on right now that includes a free Bridge and 90 days of the streaming service Rhapsody with the purchase of a PLAY:3 ($299) at Target, Best Buy or Amazon

For those unfamiliar, Sonos allows you to wirelessly stream your music in any room of your house by controlling from your Mac/PC, smartphone (iOS or Android) or iPad.  This past weekend the kids and I were rocking out to the Grateful Dead station on Pandora in the backyard while BBQ’ing.

With Sonos, you can expose your kids to the songs you grew up with or help them to discover new artists. Bottom line is this – Sonos helps you introduce a world of music to your kids.  Period.  End of story. 

Google Launches Google Play for Education

This new section of the Android app store sells apps aimed at schools and teachers.

From the Appnewser article:

Google Play will let teachers and schools buy multiple copies of an app in bulk. When a teacher buys an app it will automatically download on their own device, as well as onto the devices of all of their students. In addition, schools can make credit cards available to teachers, so that a teacher doesn’t have to use their personal credit card to buy an app for students.

Google will begin accepting K-12 app submissions for this educational category this summer. Follow this link to get details on how to submit your app for this category.

Netflix Building Impressive Disney Library

As someone who is quickly moving toward “cutting the cord,” I continue to be impressed by the deals Netflix is cutting for kids’ content.

The latest deal is with Disney Jr., allowing Netflix to show “Jake and the Never Land Pirates,” and “Special Agent Oso,” both favorites of my 3 year-old son.

Between the improved UI of the Netflix app that allows both my kids to easily navigate and the new “Just for Kids” section, not to mention ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT STARTING THIS SUNDAY, Netflix is 100% kids AND parent approved.

Honest Toddler Twitter Lands Book Deal

@HonestToddler is a Twitter account-turned-book that illustrates the detailed daily inner thoughts of a mischievous toddler. Very, very funny.  Highly recommend following.  Check out some of the funniest recent tweets:

“Most toddlers use a form of Pinterest 24/7. We call it “imagination.”

“Whining? We prefer the term “verbal falsetto.” Thank you.”

“Just tried dark chocolate. Adults, is it safe to say you’ve forgotten what candy is supposed to taste like?”