Is the iPad Bad for Kids?

Hat tip to my colleague Christopher Kenneally for forwarding me this fascinating NY Times article, “The Child, the Tablet and the Developing Mind.”

The Week Magazine, the other third of my 3 must-read print pubs (the Sunday Times and Sunday Boston Globe), chimes in with some solid analysis here.

Similarly, here’s a great quote from a Wired article on the topic:

‘The American Academy of Pediatrics is unambiguous about time spent with screens. It says any at all is bad for children under a certain age…. We made an effort to follow AAP guidelines and prevent her from getting any screen time at all before she was 2. But honestly? On long flights, we’ve loaded up Sesame Street on the iPad before takeoff. Parenting is hard…. And, really, is there harm in an app? In the age of the educational app, those AAP guidelines seem, well, quaint.

As someone who recently returned from Hell on Earth, aka the Easter Sunday drive from New Jersey to Boston, I can totally relate to Bilton.  Also, to answer my own question in the headline (never ask a question in the headline says Professor Sender!), the iPad is not bad for kids…as long as it’s used in moderation.


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