The Face of the Learn-to-Code Movement

Good piece on GigaOm about Codeacademy’s CEO and co-founder, Zach Sims, who has become the face of the fledgling learn-to-code movement.

My takeaway from the piece:

“Codecademy may not have been the first to ignite an interest in coding, but Sims has played an active role in fanning it.  When he talks about Codecademy, it isn’t just in terms of the Ruby, Python and JavaScript courses that they offer. He puts algorithms right up there with reading, writing and math as measures of basic literacy (even if people don’t learn to write algorithms, he believes they should still understand how they can be used). Codecademy, to hear it from Sims, isn’t just a platform for getting coding lessons — it’s a way to stay relevant in a changing world. And programmers aren’t just another class of skilled workers; they’re the drivers of the future economy.”


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