Texting While Parenting

An article in the Saturday Wall Street Journal asks, “Are too many parents distracted by mobile devices when they should be watching their kids?” A recent rise in injuries has doctors worried that the answer is yes.

Sociologist Clifford Nass of Stanford University has found that people who stare at a device take a while to refocus. He says that doing so while supervising a child, even if a parent regularly looks up, would make the parent more likely to miss the kind of warning signs that frequently precede a mishap. Playground accidents, for example, often are the result of a sequence of events, such as climbing too high on a jungle gym. “What mobile technologies do is essentially remove you from the situation,” he says. “The ability to anticipate problems is much more reduced.”

Admittedly, I’m guilty as charged on this one and need to seriously take heed.

Anybody else?


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