Can You Tell Me How to Get to the Sesame Street App?

Over the last few days, my son has rediscovered his Tickle Me Elmo doll.  That got me thinking about Sesame Street and how the iconic brand has done a masterful job of maintaining offline dominance while transitioning online with such aplomb.

As of last year, Sesame had 150 e-books available in four different formats with 15 book-based apps for sale.  But as much as formats change, core elements remain constant.  For example, one of my favorite books as a young child was The Monster at the End of This Book, which was originally published in 1971.  Now, I can share that experience with my kids but in the revamped digital version in which Grover now speaks directly to the children, who can decide whether or not to participate in the activities designed to help the blue monster overcome his fears about what lurks at the end of the book.

Sesame Street’s philosophy is that they want to be on any device that becomes a destination for the parent of a young child to ensure that parents find ways to interact with their kids.

Mission accomplished.


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