The new “I-cation”

To plug or unplug on vacation – that is the question

Wanted to share this article from the Sunday Boston Globe about taking technology on vacation with the kids.  It resonated with me on so many levels.  This passage really hit home:

“Technology, having transformed the rest of life, is going after the family vacation.  Parents and kids are equally guilty of clinging to their mobile devices, though for anyone who has learned about the night sky from an app — or answered a work e-mail from the beach — technology can enhance a vacation, or make it possible for some adults to get away at all.

Therein lies a conundrum.  As parents, do we unplug on vacation to set an example for our kids?  Or do we stay connected and risk coming off as hypocrites if we don’t allow our kids “i-time?”

The solution is, like many things in life, MODERATION.  As the article states, agree on realistic parameters before you leave for vacation.  It’s OK to unplug and interact with the kids when you’re away, just as it’s OK to embrace technology to help enhance your time with the kids.

What do you think?


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