FaceTime and Fenway

View from our seats.

FaceTime is dead!  Long live FaceTime!

Just found out the wife and I scored GA tix to see Bruce at Fenway.  We went last night and it was…THE BOSS.  Needless to say, after playing his usual 3 1/2 hour show we didn’t get home in time to send the kids off to bed.  Told the daughter this morning we’d be home right after work for some quality time.  But come on…it’s The Boss… AT FENWAY!  A once, er, twice in-a-lifetime chance to see the living legend and who knows how much longer he’ll be around.  Enter…FaceTime.  Rather than merely telling the daughter by speaking with her through the babysitter’s phone, I was able to FaceTime with her and explain why mommy and daddy were going to be home late again.  Of course, all my consternation was for nothing as she said “OK, bye daddy, see you tomorrow” and went back to watching one of her Disney movies for the 8,000th time.  I wonder, however, if I told her via a regular call, would her reaction have been the same?  Perhaps the comfort of seeing daddy’s face with hearing his voice was the game saver?  We’ll never know.  But what we do know is that FaceTime is a wonderful invention, especially for parents with young kids.


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